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Let Your Ex Go

Hurt. Heal. Thrive. 

The only breakup recovery program for women who want to break free from betrayal of your last breakup and move on with hope of finding the true love that you deserve!

Hi, I'm Farrah.

Relationships are like seasons - they come and go. The hardest part is letting go, especially when you don’t want to. Believe me, I get it. Sometimes losing someone you love deeply is traumatic and debilitating.

I know the hurt. I’ve lived it. I survived.


As a woman who’s gone through painful breakups and a divorce, the trauma of a breakup can be extremely painful and difficult to get over.


During my journey of healing, I realized it that I was in control of how much emotional and physical damage I let the breakup cause. I decided to take charge of my healing and use to heal my hurt, which has now led me to thrive!


As a certified professional relationship expert and breakup guru, I'll show you how to mend your broken heart through my new program Let Your Ex Go coming to you this spring.